When you utter the word yoga, everyone has a notation of what it could be or should be. One of the first things that people normally think of yoga is that it means standing on your head, and normal means standing on your feet. Yoga is not about doing anything in particular. It is a way of being. It is certain way in which a person can be. That is yoga. Read More...


The meaning of the word Hatha is: “ha” means sun, “ta” means moon. Hatha yoga means the sun and the moon yoga. We are talking about the “Ida” and “Pingala”- the sun and moon within yourself. Hatha Yoga is a whole science of bringing a balance between sun and moon. Once a person has desire to experience higher level of energy, Read More...


At Yogavrikshaa we are focused on building a healthy and joyful generation. Our vision is to make people learn, practice and incorporate Yoga as a part of life.

Teachers at Yogavrikshaa are trained and certified by Isha Hatha School of Yoga, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. They have undergone over 1450 hours of intensive training and are certified to teach different modules to a variety of audiences. We offer Classical Hatha Yoga in it's purest form and dimensions.

We teach Hatha Yoga as a transformative process. The transformation will not only be on the level of your body but in the way you are. - Sadhguru

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